Berwick Medium Wood Insert


The Berwick wood fire is a contemporary styled wood inbuilt in a convenient size that is ideal for medium sized living areas. The Berwick is designed for fireplace openings that were previously thought too small for other wood heaters. You can also create your own fireplace using the Regency approved zero clearance box.


Product Description

Regency: Berwick Medium Wood Insert 

A Regency Berwick Wood Inbuilt will breathe new life into an old fireplace.

Our Berwick Wood Inbuilt is highly efficient; meaning it is clean burning and produces little smoke.  The Regency Berwick Wood Inbuilt is tested to meet Australian clean air requirements and emissions standards.  Along with fabulous heating efficiency, our inbuilt provides you with the beauty of a Regency in a medium sized living space.

Standard Features

  • Black 3-sided fascia
  • Powerful 2-speed fan
  • Large viewing area
  • Single rod draft control
  • Strong bakelite handles
  • Steel firebox with firebrick lining
  • Airwash system


  • Zero clearance available
  • Cast liners available
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