2100 Millennium


The Quadrafire Millennium 2100 wood stove is designed to deliver high heat output and solid powerful performance with minimum emissions. Featuring Automatic Combustion Control (ACC), the Quadra-Fire range of slow combustion fireplaces offer the best combination of heat and burn time for each load of wood at the optimum efficiency with fully a welded brick lined firebox. The patented four-point combustion technology burns the wood gasses and smoke for a cleaner, more efficient burn than ever before.


Product Description

Quadra-Fire: 2100 Millennium

The Quadra-Fire range of of wood fires boasts unmatched efficiency and technology for its 5 models. Quadra-Fire’s efficiency rate averages 85% – the Australian average is 65%.
Our exclusive Automatic Combustion Control system turns you into a professional fire builder. Whether you are starting a cold stove, or reloading for the long burn, the automatic air control provides all he extra air to start the burning process, and then turns the stove down to your desired rate.
Quadra-Fire patented four point combustion system burns the smoke just like fuel in four distinct zones of the combustion chamber. In each of these zones, potential heat that would normally escape up the flue of a conventional wood stove is, instead, captured to warm your home. This means cleaner air, less flue maintenance and fewer trips to the woodpile.

Standard Features

  • Automatic Combustion Control (ACC)
  • Patented four point burn technology
  • 32mm brick lined firebox
  • 6-8mm Steel construction
  • Up to 20m2 heating capacity
  • No catalytic converter
  • Arched door


  • Fan kit available
  • Door upgrade kit, satin nickel (incl. spring handles and hinge pins)
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