The Leonardo “14th to 15th century painter” is the biggest oven of the Polito DIY oven range. The internal dimension is 1170mm in diameter, making it ideal to cook up to twelve small pizzas or three large trays comfortably and more. 


Product Description

Polito: Leonardo pizza oven

Standard Features

  • Precast dome and floor
  • Metal door
  • Refractory arch (square or round – contact us to upgrade to steel)
  • 40mm engraved polito granite
  • Temperature gauge
  • Manifold
  • SS flue + cowl
  • BSSR insulation
  • Mesh
  • Tie wire
  • Illustrated DIY Instruction Manual


  • Metal Stand: W 1350mm x L 1100mm x H 850mm + $810
  • Metal Formwork: W 1600mm x L 1700mm + $480
  • Metal Arches: Upgrade refractory arches to metal black or rust colour + $300

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